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Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)
Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)
Since 1970, SLIM has been promoting marketing excellence and elevating the status of marketing in Sri Lanka. Subsequently incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1980, SLIM is a member of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka and of ESOMAR, the Federation of Marketing Research Industries. We are also a member of the Asia Marketing Federation, which is affiliated to the World Marketing Association
Preliminary Certificate in Marketing
This introductory course delivers a thorough grounding in marketing to students and young professionals. Practical assignments over this three month course prepare students by translating their classroom knowledge into real world applications.
Preliminary Certificate in Marketing
This consists of four course units which essentially provide students foundation level knowledge of Essentials of Marketing, Understanding Consumers, Effective Communication Skills and Economic & Legal Concepts for Marketing. These concepts are further elaborated through assignments which cover literature reviews, concept books and field studies. It is compulsory that all students do sit for the Essentials of Marketing Course unit in the first examination sitting.
Professional Certificate in Marketing
The intermediate level will provide students with a detailed understanding of the marketer’s tool kit. It consists of four course units: Detailed insights into Brand Management, Promotional Practice, Distribution Management and Financials for Marketing will be taught where students will learn to apply theory to practical circumstances through field assignments.
Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
The Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing is a unique programme of study which offers prospective students and practitioners of marketing an opportunity to learn and apply sound theoretical concepts to their day to day business situations. The course provides means to accelerate your professional career. It is an eighteen month, part-time programme which offers a postgraduate qualification with flexibility to dovetail subject modules around their work load.

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